Over the last few years, mobile phones and tablets have become the number one mode of information access around the world. Digital publications are the future of the publishing sector. The NRTG´s APP, available in Google Play and the App Store, is a virtual kiosk in which you can comfortably access all of our publications. 

These are some of the advantages of the NRTG' s APP and digital guides:

  • INSTANTANEOUS: purchase and download your guide when and where you like. Because of the average size of the downloads, it is recommended to make your purchase via a Wifi connection. Each publication comes with a free preview where you can evaluate its characteristics and determine if the product is what you are looking for.
  • DIRECT LINK WITH ALL OF THE TOURISM IN THE COSTA ÁRTABRA: links to websites, especially in the sections that list area services, increase the information that the travel guides themselves have to offer, connecting you directly to all of the local tourism (hotels, museums, surfing schools, scuba diving centres, etc.).
  • OFFLINE READING: NRTG digital guides can be read without internet connection. They do not consume any data aside from the moment of purchase and download.
  • YOUR GUIDES ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE AND UPDATED: you can delete purchased products from your mobile or tablet and recover them later on the same or any other device. Guides already purchased are linked to your email account in Google or your Apple ID, which makes them non-transferable and inerasable.