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The city of the Tower of Hercules (La Coruña, A Coruña, or simply Coruña, as the locals call it) has a distinctive geography and history that make it unique in all of Spain. Roman port at its birth, ancient stronghold of the Spanish Empire and one of the most important colonial ports, Coruña is reconstructed in virtually its entire trajectory throughout history, visualizing its urban evolution and taking you through its most celebrated tourist destinations. In four guided routes, the Coruña travel guide leads you strategically through the city, weaving together history, gastronomy and art. And, since the Atlantic Ocean is virtually an extension of the city itself, as Coruña is three-fourths surrounded by water, this guide provides great depth of information on the beaches and the sporting activities available, giving special focus to scuba diving, surfing and sailing. The Coruña travel guide walks you through the streets that were the artistic cradle of one of the most important painting geniuses of the 20th century, Pablo Ruiz Picasso. This is a city that, for many reasons, profoundly impacted his life. You will get to know in detail what Coruña was like when the painter from Malaga began his studies in the fine arts and presented his first professional exhibition. In his own words, "Coruña was the city where my senses awakened, and this is something that neither time nor distance can erase." Includes the Guide to the Natural Monument Costa de Dexo.

* 150 pages

* more than 230 images including photography, illustrations and maps

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The eastern coast of the Ría de Coruña is covered with coves and beaches of incredible beauty, and around them are some of the best tourist villas in the Costa Ártabra. With one of the most visitor-friendly and well-equipped coastal landscapes in Galicia and a history of more than thirty consecutive years with the blue flag flying over its main beaches, Oleiros is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Rías Ártabras.

This guidebook takes you around the area’s main tourist sites (Santa Cristina, Santa Cruz and Mera) and provides useful detail about the characteristics of its beaches and their available sports, including surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and hiking.

* 60 pages

* more than 75 images, including photos, illustrations and maps

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Gateway to one of the most famous nature parks in the north of Spain - the Parque Natural de As Fragas do Eume - Pontedeume and Cabanas are among the main destinations in the interior of the Rías Ártabras, with tourism attractions difficult to match. Surrounded by a sensational natural landscape, unique cuisine, exceptionally beautiful beaches, excellent conditions for water sports, hiking and mountain biking, and some of the most important historical monuments in the eastern half of the Costa Ártabra, Pontedeume and Cabanas are a must-see.  

You can follow our guided tour through the Historical Centre of Pontedeume and find detailed description of its beaches and available services. This guidebook includes the Guide to the Parque Natural de As Fragas do Eume, which encompasses the neighboring municipalities of A Capela, Monfero and As Pontes. The entire area of the Eume in your hands.

* 96 pages

* more than 100 images, including photos, illustrations and maps

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Beyond Cabo Prior and Os Montes da Lagoa, the Costa Ártabra transforms into an impressive sequence of spectacular coastal landscapes that stretch all the way to the legendary Cabo Ortegal, where the highest cliffs in continental Europe tower over the Atlantic, forming one of the most striking images you’ll find on the Galician coast. Practically part of the Espacio Natural Protegido Costa Ártabra and the Cabo Ortegal geopark given its incredible environmental and geological value, this region of the Rías Altas is the eastern limit of the ancient Artabrian territory. Valdoviño and Cedeira offer a wealth of tourist destinations and cuisine linked to the sea. 

The small Ría de Cedeira, which is a Marine Reserve of Fishery Interest, is a sanctuary for the recovery of the old marine richness of Galician waters. This Ría is home to one of the oldest ports of the Costa Ártabra, where the culture of the sea is concentrated in the flavor of some of the most delicious percebes (goose barnacles) in the world. Along the coasts of Valdoviño, a mecca of surfing in Galicia, you’ll find some of the best and most beautiful surfing beaches in the north of Spain. Foremost among them is the Playa de O Rodo, home of the World Waveskysurf League Pantín Xtreme and Pantín Classic, legendary competitions of the World Surfing League, which bring together some of the best surfers in the world. Includes surfing guide, detailed description of all beaches and sports available, complete list of accommodations and calendar of events.

* 160 pages

* more than 215 images, including photos, illustrations and maps

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